Dues & Covenants

Mandatory Dues

Irongate is a Covenant community, and the Homeowners’ Association (HOA) collects mandatory dues from members (see page 12, Welcome – Iron Gate Covenants)

Dues for Irongate HOA members are $125 per year. The fee is set at the Annual Meeting held every November (usually on the first or second Sunday). They are set by majority vote of the HOA members who are in attendance at the meeting, and are based upon the projected needs of the neighborhood, such as expenses relating to landscaping maintenance, social events, signage and lighting, etc.

Invoices are mailed to HOA members in January, and are payable on receipt. Dues are late if not received by March 1st. New-build Homeowners will be assessed prorated dues, to be collected at closing. If dues are owed on a house for sale, the real estate closing attorney will prorate the dues, dividing the expense between the buyer and seller. Dues are non-refundable; if dues have been paid for the year, the proration will award credit to the seller, and assign a share to the buyer. All payments can be mailed to:

Irongate HOA
PO Box 53
Statesboro, GA 30459

Questions? Contact Teresa Concannon, HOA Treasurer, at irongate.statesboro.treasurer@gmail.com